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The purpose of this agreement is to define the terms of the agreement, scope of work and the schedule of payments agreed upon by each party. The design concept and implementation shall include all interior spaces as described in the scope of work, below.

Terms of agreement for Design Alcove E-Design Services — 

  1. E-Design is an online decorating consultation service only. All recommendations are regarded as suggestions to improve the look of your space.

  2. Client agrees to provide full information regarding the client’s requirements for the project. 

  3. Design Alcove will perform services as expeditiously as is consistent with professional skill, care, and the orderly progress of the E-Design project. 

  4. Design Alcove will not be responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction fabrication, delivery and installation, or safety precautions in connection with the E-Design project; for the acts or omissions of the contractor or any subcontractor, supplier, or other person performing the work on the E-Design project; or for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates. 

  5. Design Alcove cannot be held responsible for arranging repairs, replacement or freight claims for purchases made in conjunction with recommendations for E-Design project.

Scope of Work —

Design Alcove’s E-Design package for one room includes:

  • INITIAL DESIGN MEETING - a virtual kick-off meeting to review your project details with DA’s design team, up to 45 minutes 

  • DESIGN & MATERIAL BOARD(S)- quality images of all design ideas and suggestions.

  • DESIGN REVIEW MEETING - your designer will walk you through the design and layout, up to 30 minutes

  • One session of REVISIONS- with your feedback in hand, we will make any requested changes to your design. Any additional revisions will be subject to AD’s hourly rate

  • PURCHASING CATALOG - a list of all resources that are selected for your design

  • CATALOG REVIEW MEETING - your designer will walk you through the design and layout, up to 30 minutes

  • Client expectations — Responding in a timely manner (Within 48 business hours) Purchasing products, Executing the design 

Fee & Payment Terms —

Fee: For the professional design service package previously described, Design Alcove shall receive a fixed fee of $500 for one room, $800 for 2 rooms, $1200 for 3 rooms. You may add the following services to any package for an additional $150.00 payable via Zelle, Cash-app or Venmo: 

1. Styling Visit (restrictions may apply)

2. Floor Plan and/or 3D Render.

  • Payment Terms: Full payment shall be made upon signing of this agreement. 

Client expectations —

  • Responding in a timely matter

  • Purchasing products 

  • Executing the design 

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